RightFit is Launched!

Posted On February 23rd, 2021

RightFit Launch!

This is Patrick and all I have to say is we did it! The RightFit product is now available! I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the last 5-6 months. But mostly, I’m grateful for the ragtag team we assembled. I always call us a ragtag team because I’m the only person who works full-time on RightFit but boy do we have an amazing team. They may not be working on RightFit full-time yet but I know their hearts are fully in it and it shows. So thank you to each and every one of you and the amazing agencies/partners we worked with to get this far.

Spencer – My Co-Founder, my friend, the Barack to my Joe. It’s been an awesome journey with you so far and I’m amazed at how well our dynamic has worked. Your work ethic and desire for perfection inspire me. I’ll never forget us switching jobs and the many late nights you pulled working on the product. It was incredible and I’m grateful for the sacrifices you made. But most of all, I’m grateful that I have a friend who I can openly share my own mental health struggles with. I mean that’s what this whole company is about, right? So thank you, Spencer! There’s a million things I could say about you but I think I want to close it out with something that defines our friendship and sense of humor – thank god for Dave and Andre! Little inside joke everyone, you wouldn’t get it.

Anne – Our Therapist Advisor! How lucky were we to find you? You are one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met and tbh I’m sad I can’t have you as my own therapist. Thank you for believing in us too. You took a wild chance on two (at least one) self-proclaimed idiots and we won’t let you down! You are our guide in making sure we stick to our core values around building this with therapists. Everything we do ends with “should we get Anne’s opinion?” and the answer is always yes, yes, yes. Your opinion is always exactly what we need and let’s not forget that’s not all you offer. You’re always willing to step up and do much more than advise. Some of our best work has come from you just stepping up and doing it (see archetypes) so thank you for all that you do! We’d be lost without you and I’m sure your clients would echo that sentiment!

Jessie – The one that keeps us in line! You haven’t even been on the team that long but you’ve already made such a difference. In my opinion, you played a huge role in taking us from an idea to a real brand and it shows. Also, your friendship with Anne is amazing and I’m so happy RightFit gives y’all an opportunity to work together. It also makes our slack conversations much more diverse than they used to be 🙂 and for that I’m thankful. And the last thing, please please please continue to keep us from doing anything stupid. You have amazing ideas yourself but are also willing to call us out for our stupid ideas. I will never forget the moment you told me to “be chill” and….you were right. So thank you Jessie for everything you do for our marketing but also for not letting the other members of the ragtag team get too reckless!

So yeah, this was supposed to be a launch blog post talking about the company and product and all of that. But I think I’d like to keep that separate because these people are really what matter. Also, thank you so much to my parents and anyone else I didn’t mention. It takes a village to start a company is a thing I think someone said one time and it’s true! Anyway, I’m excited to look back at this post in a year and see where we are!

So let’s go, we’re only getting started!