SEO For Therapists: How To Write Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions for Therapists

By Jade Pruett, SEO Strategist at Mind Over Marketing, an agency specializing in marketing for therapists. Last week, we talked about how to write the “perfect” page titles for your website’s SEO. And no page title is complete without a great meta description to go with it. That is why today we will learn exactly… Read More

Holding Space with Someone with Shared Lived Experiences – Why it’s so Powerful

Holding Space With Someone Who Has Shared Lived Experiences

Today we have a guest post from RightFit member Crystal Hardy, an associate level professional counselor. Crystal examines the power of connecting with people who just get you. Have you ever talked with someone and thought to yourself with a sigh of relief, “Yeeessss, you get it!” If so, you had a taste of what… Read More

Building a More Personal Therapist Profile

profile of person with tree

RightFit was borne out of frustration with the traditional method of finding a therapist–searching through sparse profiles on overwhelming directories and picking a therapist mostly at random with no inkling if the therapist’s style and the client’s needs would match. This throw-a-dart-and-see-where-it-lands method is frustratingly inefficient for therapists trying to build long-term clientele, and multiple… Read More

Finances in Private Practice

piggy bank

Starting a private therapy practice can easily be overwhelming. Talking about finances in private practice leaves many therapists wanting to bury their head in the sand. Most therapists didn’t go to business school and want to spend their time just doing therapy. But, at the end of the day, our practices are businesses and they… Read More