How to Get the Best Out of Yourself and Life

Posted On June 17th, 2021

Today we have a guest post from RightFit member Kennyetta Watkins, LPC. Kennyetta reveals how you can get to your best self and get the best out of life. 


Life is full of mystery, adventure, ups and downs. Sometimes life seems as if it is living us, not us living life. We full bloom in a pandemic, we have now adapted to it and are living a new norm. This new norm doesn’t have to be mundane and filled with just the responsibilities of life. It is important that we live a fulfilled and enjoyable life: the best life. The “best” is subjective and comes in many forms, but it is open to all of us. I am going to show you the steps to live your best life and get the best out of yourself.

The best life does not negate you from challenges, but it provides freedom to be who you are meant to be. Together we are going to learn how to live beyond ourselves, how to get out of our own way, and let go of distractions.

The common definition of “best” is having the most effective, or being the desirable quality, the cream of the crop in different or all aspects of life. Why should you have the best? Why should you be the best in various aspects of your life? You should have the best and be the best because you are worthy of the best in life. Your life is a journey and every day you grow and every day you also shed away parts of you. With all the demands on your life, you want to shed the bad and not all the good parts of you that make you who you are. Your journey is guaranteed to have obstacles, but these obstacles should never stop you from being fulfilled and being your best you in this season of your life.

What are you willing to die for?

Last month we celebrated Memorial Day, honoring the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their life for our freedom. These soldiers fought war(s) where they may not have understood the reason for the orders but their best self was part of the oath they had for their families and our families to remain safe, knowing the possibility they may not make it home. They were willing to die for something bigger than them to achieve the best out of life even if they directly couldn’t live in it. One step to get to our best life in our civilian life is knowing and being aware of what we are willing to die for. If we are willing to die for it, then we must be willing to live for it.

Living your best life and getting the best out of yourself is action. It is about being aligned and focused on what you want out of life and what you want life to bring out of you. How do you know what you are willing to die for? Well, that is found in your core values, your deep-rooted beliefs and love you have for yourself and the world around you.


Getting out of your own way

Being the best you and getting the best out of life requires work, dedication and focus. You don’t see Lebron, Beyoncé, Brené Brown being the best in their fields without crafting and fine-tuning their craft. You can’t be your best self without putting in the work. Bringing out the best in ourselves is walking through your fears, pushing away the thoughts of “ it’s too hard to accomplish.” Getting out of your own way is learning how to say no to the things that no longer serve you purpose. Getting the best out of yourself is making moves that yesterday you were too scared to make. Getting out of your own way is changing your mindset, breaking bad or unhealthy/toxic habits, going to therapy, staying in your lane and only comparing yourself to the old you and not other people.


Letting go of distractions

Distractions can really keep us off balance and lead us away from fulfillment and achieving the best out of life. Distractions may not always look like distractions. You know when you are changing habits, like being on a diet the biggest distraction can be cravings of sweets. Distractions aren’t always things you don’t like; it is things you like and easily enjoy but that keep you from what you need and your goals.

Distractions pop up in every aspect of our life, and the most prevalent can be our social life. We get distracted by complaining instead of making changes, we get distracted by living vicariously through others’ success instead of creating our own. We get caught up with revenge on those who did us wrong, and stay angry instead of forgiving and healing. Living our best life and bringing out the best of ourselves is remembering the ultimate goal and purpose. It is remembering what matters the most. Living a life filled with kindness, empathy and compassion towards yourself and others.


Other Tips on living your best life

Be mindful of who you are and those around you. It is okay to make mistakes. Be honest. Stand in your truth, know your truth and focus on the lessons your mistakes are teaching you. Be gentle. Don’t beat yourself up, evaluate yourself with honesty but give yourself grace. Remember living your best life is a journey, not a destination.

Figuring out what you are willing to die for, getting out of your own way and letting go of distractions are ways to get to your best self and get the best out of life. Reflect on them, live towards them and most important, take action and never let fear stop you. Stay aligned to your unique self and purpose.


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