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How It Works

We've spoken to a variety of therapists, many of whom were discouraged by the various overwhelming directories other sites had to offer.

Based on empirical research, a therapeutic alliance is one of the greatest assets a practice can have when it comes to therapy success. We believe that this therapeutic alliance is influenced by the connection you and your client hold. Our platform is tailored to help connect you with those clients, and together, you both can develop the best alliance.

We have created workflows specifically tailored for you and your practice. We understand that when you get a request from a client who’s not right for you, the task of finding a better option for that client rests on your shoulders. With RightFit, we put the power of choice back in the client’s hands to help find the right solution for both therapist and client.

At RightFit, we’re committed to not only just putting your practice on the map but finding you space to connect with the community of therapists in your local area. Monthly seminars are held during our ‘Meetup Group’ where therapists are welcomed to interact and engage with one another freely. We want to help provide a supportive and educational environment for you to grow as a clinician and business owner.