SEO For Therapists: Why Every Therapist Should Use Google My Business

Posted On May 24th, 2021

Google My Business For Therapists

By Jade Pruett, SEO Strategist at Mind Over Marketing: an agency specializing in marketing for therapists.

Over the past few weeks, we have talked a lot of SEO for therapists and everything you need to know to get your website in great shape for Google. Now it’s time to dig deep into another tool from Google that can help you connect with even more of your ideal client: Google My Business.

In fact, one of the first things I do for my therapist clients is make sure their Google My Business profiles are in great shape and ready to start driving hundreds of potential clients to their website every month.

But out of all the marketing tactics out there, why should you prioritize Google My Business?

Let’s find out!

What is Google My Business?

Have you ever Googled a local restaurant, coffee shop, or other business in your area? If so, you probably saw a big square with 1-3 featured businesses at the very top of the results. Those are Google My Business profiles. They allow businesses to showcase tons of information about their businesses right in the search results. Without even clicking on the business’s website, you can see their hours, get directions to their location, view photos and reviews, ask questions, and even call the businesses right from the Google search results. Having all of these features so easily accessible makes Google My Business a game-changer when it comes to local SEO.

Why Should I Have Google My Business?

Now that we know what Google My Business is… why do you need it? Here are a few reasons why Google My Business is a must-have for therapists.

If Your Potential Client Is Looking For A Therapist, They Will Start With Google

If someone is serious about finding a therapist, they aren’t going to start browsing Instagram or scroll through Facebook hoping an ad will show up for their perfect therapist. Instead, they are going to head straight to Google and search for “therapist near me.” And if you are the person who shows up in Google, you have a huge chance of winning them as a client.

Google My Business Puts You At The Top Of Google Searches

Being as close to the top is the name of the SEO game, and that’s exactly where Google My Business puts you. If you have a successful Google My Business profile, you will be featured above all organic search results in Google. That means you are even easier to find.

It Gives Your Clients All Of Your Info In One Spot

With Google My Business, your clients don’t have to navigate through your website to find all the information they are looking for. It’s all right there in Google. They can easily call you, see your hours, find your address, get directions, and much more. And the easier it is to learn about you and contact you, the more likely they are to reach out and book an appointment. This is also a great way to build trust with your clients. A well-filled-out Google My Business profile can help a potential client feel like they know you already, making the process of finding a therapist less intimidating.

Google My Business Is An Underutilized Tool For Therapists

When I look at the Google My Business profiles set up in my area, there is a lot of room for improvement. That means if you take the time to set up your profile well and then update it regularly, you have a good chance to having a high-ranking profile.

It’s Free And Easy To Set Up (So Why Not?)

Finally, one of the best perks of Google My Business is that it’s completely free and easy to set up. This makes using Google My Business a no brainer for therapists looking for new clients. So who should you set up Google My Business? Why not?

That’s All!

Those are my top reasons why every therapist should be using Google My Business as a part of their marketing efforts. Next week, we will dig into everything you need to know to set up your Google My Business account.

Did you learn anything new?

Are you planning to set up a Google My Business?

Let me know!

And if you have any questions or are looking for more marketing help, feel free to reach out to me anytime! I look forward to hearing from you.

Jade Pruett is an SEO Strategist who specializes in marketing for therapists and counselors. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her therapist husband and corgi, Loaf. You can find her at