Marketing for Therapists: Blog Series Roundup

Posted On June 21st, 2021

Below, find a round up of all the topics marketing strategist and SEO expert Jade Pruett covered for RightFit in her blog series Mind Over Marketing Mondays! Jade owns Mind Over Marketing, an agency specializing in marketing for therapists.


8 Marketing Tactics Therapists Should Know in 2021

“The start of any good marketing strategy is deeply understanding who you are targeting.” Marketing strategist Jade Pruett of Mind Over Marketing reveals 8 tactics therapists should know in 2021, including how to build a client persona and how you can build your website and marketing materials around their demographics, needs, challenges, and behaviors. Learn how to:

–Create client personas

–Get started with email marketing


–Network based on your niche

–And more!

Blogging For Therapists: 12 Steps To Creating Blog Posts That Work For You

Why is blogging important for therapists looking to grow their practice? Marketing strategist Jade Pruett says, “Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that showcases your authority, gives your website personality, helps you connect and build trust with your ideal customer, and helps boost your SEO.”

In “12 Steps to Creating Blog Posts That Work for You,” Jade reveals everything therapists will need to start blogging effectively, including:

–Research the most relevant topics to blog about

–Write for your ideal client

–Get the word out so clients can find your posts

SEO For Therapists: How To Write “Perfect” Page Titles

If you’re on a campaign to improve your SEO, page titles are a great place to start. Not only are they the first thing Google looks at to see what your page is about, they’re also what is going to entice a potential client to click your link in the search results over all the other options listed.

Marketing strategist Jade Pruett delves into the art behind crafting effective page titles, including:

–Page title best practices

–Examples of good page titles

–Page title FAQs

SEO For Therapists: How To Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are an important tool to help convince people that your website in the one to click on in Google. They are the brief preview of your sites potential clients see in their Google search results and signal to the reader that they can trust that the information they are looking for is on your website.

In “How To Write Meta Descriptions,” marketing strategist Jade Pruett will help you craft eye-catching meta descriptions that convince your ideal clients to click!

Best SEO Marketing Tools For Therapists in 2021

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the marketing tactics that will attract your ideal clients, it’s time to decide on the tools you’ll need to employ those tactics! In “Best SEO Marketing Tools For Therapists in 2021,” marketing strategist Jade Pruett reveals her recommendations for tools that help boost your traffic and give you a better understanding of what is happening on your website, including:

–Google Analytics

–Google Search Console


–Answer the Public


–Google Pagespeed Insights

SEO For Therapists: Why Every Therapist Should Use Google My Business 

Giving your ideal clients easy access to information about your practice is an essential tactic in any good marketing plan, and Google My Business is one of the simplest and most effective ways to do that. In “SEO for Therapists: Why Every Therapist Should Use Google My Business,” marketing strategist Jade Pruett takes a deep dive into this often-underutilized tool and reveals why using it should be one of your top priorities as you seek to grow your client list.